Client Testimonials

Calling in ``The One`` Testimonials

“You absolutely want Anastasia in your corner! She has deep passion, compassion, intuition and the powerful ability to be present with you, which allows her to really hear and support you and where you’re at in the constantly evolving process with yourself. She has been such a gift to me!”

Corinne S. – Television Producer, NYC

“Being coached by Anastasia has to be one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had. I learned so much about myself, about the people around me and created stronger, more positive relationships. Anastasia is enlightening, supportive and authentic, her gift opened up so many amazing opportunities and surprises that I now have the pleasure of fulfilling and enjoying for life.”

Tara D – Assistant Centre Manager – Explore and Develop Terrigal, Australia

Image by Kyra Ross

Image by Kyra Ross

Conscious Uncoupling Testimonials

“Thanks to my work with Anastasia, I was able to reach a deep understanding of how I co-created a repetition of painful and unfulfilling patterns and dynamics that led to many of my relationships having painful and disappointing endings. Now I have not just the knowledge, but also the tools to help me create supportive and healthy relationships. Her loving but firm coaching approach of “total responsibility” has helped me to see myself in a different light and change my interactions with others for the better. Applying the practical exercises such as: “naming and mirroring my feelings and needs” helped me in areas I never suspected, such as getting a great job promotion! I am eternally grateful for our work together.”

Elizabeth A. – LCSW, Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor, NYC

Anastasia is a master of the Conscious Uncoupling process. She is intuitive at finding where you are stuck and working with you from there. In each step, Anastasia creates a sense of accountability, encouraging you to build on the previous steps – all with the integrity of knowing exactly where you are in the process, while gently guiding you forward. I did not feel rushed and I had Anastasia’s full and undivided attention for all our sessions. Anastasia is a master of intentions and a great mentor!

Debbie H. – President and Business Owner, Ithaca, NY

The great trust that Anastasia inspires gave me the strength to look into the roles I had taken in my life and to take responsibility for creating a new bright future. She’s wise, loving and experienced in bringing out the best in her clients. Having her as my coach has helped me to advance greatly in manifesting the best version of myself in all areas of my life.

Leticia A. – Minister & Director of Community Building, NYC

Love Lab Testimonials

“I especially appreciate Anastasia for always showing up with a huge amount of energy, ready to help push us to places of radical self-love that can be hard to reach on our own. Anastasia was our cheerleader, and everyone needs that.

One thing I am appreciating now is the deadline for my vision for June 1st! It is motivating me to be serious about whatever relationship I am in – I know I need to give everything its full attention and a good shot, but also, if something is not working, I know I need to put it aside so that I can step into the next opportunity and get closer to fulfilling that vision. So that’s been a major unexpected benefit! Thanks for helping me to set that vision when I couldn’t do it for myself.”

Melissa B. – Writer/Editor, Boston, MA

“The best part has been recognizing that in many ways this (quest for love) is a universal experience and I’m not alone in what I’m going through!

Cause you can sometimes think that – that “I’m crazy” or “there’s something wrong with me.” But it can’t be true if there are two (or more) of us who are this fabulous and still single!”

It was exactly what I needed at exactly the time I needed it so, for me, the Love Lab was perfection.”

Naomi T. – Law Professor, California

“Anastasia is such a force–her energy is contagious, she is an invigorating and inspiring force, relatable, present, encouraging, accepting, gentle, and she can make herself a mirror through which we can see ourselves and the patterns which don’t serve us more clearly. She can hear what we mean underneath the words that we say. She just gets it and feels it, and makes us feel that we truly aren’t alone, that we are understood, and that there is a way for each of us to shine in self-actualization and empowerment. “

Corinne S. – Television Producer, NYC

“I really wanna thank you, Anastasia, because I had no intention of taking this course because I was so busy with so many things…I almost didn’t sign up. But I just had this feeling – just do it!

And I’m glad that I did because, I have to say, through this Love Lab, I feel now that it is possible to have a great man in my life who’s conscious, who mirrors and matches me at the deepest levels and that this is possible. My beloved will extend as great a love to me as I extend to him. And together we will grow and become the people God created us to be, in our full greatness.”

Jane B. – Financial Analyst, Minneapolis

Image by Kyra Ross

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