My Self-Love & Inner Connection Coaching Services

How would we work together?

To start, you would share your intention for this work with me. Then we would speak by phone or videoconferencing for approximately one hour, three weeks out of each month. Depending on your needs, I will assign you relevant homework such as writing down your daily “self-talk”—the inner conversations you have with different parts of yourself. We may practice together while you learn how to be more fully present with all parts of yourself. I will also give you reading assignments according to your needs. And I will be available throughout the week between our sessions to support you in consultations of up to 15 minutes as questions or challenges arise. We can also schedule additional full sessions if you need additional support. I would ask that you show up for each session prepared to listen deeply and to take full responsibility for your experience both in and outside our sessions.

Due to the deep nature of this work and the time it takes to master this process, clients typically choose to work with me for a year or more. Clients who commit to mastering this work for at least 12 months generally leave with the most significant growth and the longest lasting results.

When we have completed our 12 months of work together, I am happy to continue supporting you. My goal is to fully support you until you have mastered this deeply-healing and transformative process and manifested your intention to create a life characterized by the highest possible levels of Self-Love and Inner Connection.

What will I learn in this process?

  • You will set a powerful intention to manifest unprecedented levels of Self-Love and Inner Connection, leaving you feeling whole, seen, connected, and loved as never before.
  • You will learn to feel the distinct parts of yourself, including the rational decision-maker and the intuitive, feeling part of yourself that has access to wisdom, instant knowing, and your most honest feelings.
  • You will learn to open to feelings in your body and the messages your intuitive self is communicating to you through them.
  • You will learn to create compassionate connection from your rational deciding-self, through your heart, to your intuitive center, so you can ask yourself questions regarding the most important issues, feelings, or challenges you’re experiencing and make the best decisions about these that will bring you the greatest joy, peace, and lasting happiness possible.
  • You will come to know yourself at the most intuitive and authentic level: everything from what foods you desire to eat in a given moment to how you genuinely feel about the presence of a lover, colleague, or family member.
  • You will learn from your intuitive self the lies the wounded parts of you have been telling (like “I’m not good enough,” or “People only love me if I am constantly giving to them, even at my own expense”) that cause discomfort, pain, and great suffering, and most critically, how to talk back to these wounded parts to tell them what’s really true and to create lasting relief.
  • You will also learn to access your Inner Guidance, or your Enlightened Self, that has access to Truth and the collective wisdom of the universe, and how to ask your Guidance what is really true about any belief or situation.
  • You will drop codependent behaviors, from over-giving to attempts to control how others feel about you, etc., as you become the source of your own sense of worthiness and deep deservedness to be loved just as you are.
  • You will approach relationships full from inner love, and open to give and receive love freely, knowing that peace, joy, and wholeness are your new emotional home.

How do I get started?

You can call me at 203.216.3032 or email me at to schedule a free 20-minute consultation. We can discuss what you need now, what the “Self-Love & Inner Connection” process involves, how we might work together, and what course of action makes the most sense to meet your needs. You can also send me a message through the Contact page.