My Conscious Uncoupling Coaching Services

How would we work together?

I would work closely with you one-on-one to do the work of the five steps of the Conscious UncouplingTM Coaching process. The process is rich and promises major life-enhancing changes when done with an open heart and a sincere intention to harness all there is to learn from what has happened and to turn it into the fuel for your richest, most loving experience of life yet. And such deep work often bears its best fruit when done with the company of an experienced coach who can explain the distinctions of the work and provide ongoing feedback for the growth that will emerge as you do the exercises of the Conscious Uncoupling process.

Katherine and I at the Conscious Uncoupling Certified CoachesTM Training in LA

What will I learn in this process?

  • You will learn how to create internal safety and emotional support through the “Inner Sanctuary of Safety” practice.
  • You will build a rich inner connection to your feelings and needs and ways to self-talk that will generate the kind of love you’ve been looking for.
  • You will set an intention for how you want to experience love moving forward.
  • You will learn how to see yourself as the source of your own experiences and how to reclaim your power by making amends and specific decisions and actions to commit to showing up differently in ways that will free you from repeating toxic patterns of the past.
  • You will identify the specific false “source fracture” stories and beliefs that have been driving you until now.
  • And most importantly, you will identify what’s really true so you can begin showing up consistently inside of this truth, inside of your full power and deep worthiness to love and be loved from this moment forward.
  • You will set a strong intention for the new form of the relationships you are committed to creating with your former partner, family, and community and you will write new agreements that set everyone up to succeed in your own version of “Happily Even After.”
  • If you are moved to do so, you can also set an intention for the kind of love you are committed to creating next.

I am happy to support you through integration sessions as you continue to manifest your intention, whether it’s for a peaceful experience of this separation for you, your former partner and your family, or to learn all that you can from this experience to call in your best love yet. We can work together through just the five steps or we can work until you feel you have created the life you have been dreaming of, inside and out.

Does the Conscious Uncoupling Process Always Lead to Break-ups?

No. Many of the skills and abilities that clients learn during the Conscious UncouplingTM process give them new tools and ways to partner with themselves and others that could facilitate a Conscious Recoupling. It’s not a guaranteed outcome, but I am a great fan of saving and enhancing good love whenever possible, so I’m very happy to adapt our work to facilitate a Conscious Recoupling should that become the natural next step of our work together.

How do I get started?

You can call me at 203.216.3032 or email me at to schedule a free 20-minute consultation call. We can discuss what you’re going through, what the Conscious Uncoupling process involves, how we might work together, and what course of action makes the most sense to meet your needs. You can also send me a message through the Contact page. You can buy the book here to begin reading it and getting started in doing the exercises.