My Calling in “The One”® Coaching Services

How would we work together?

As I do with clients in the “Conscious Uncoupling” process, I would work closely with you through the seven steps of Calling in “The One”® process. This process is deeply transformative when approached with an open heart and the sincere intention to leverage all you have experienced to call in your beloved—the relationship of your dreams. I would help you identify your patterns in love to date, and to lovingly learn to see yourself as the source of these patterns. I would then help you envision your dream relationship and craft an inspiring intention to manifest this relationship. This intention would serve as our North Star and I would guide you to begin manifesting it from the inside out. We’d help you grow a new, wholesome and loving relationship with yourself as the foundation for all the love you will give and receive, and for manifesting your intention of love fulfilled.

Katherine and I at the Calling in “The One”® Coaches Training

What will I learn in this process?

  • You will set an inspiring intention for the relationship you intend to manifest and we will use visioning exercises to help you imagine what it’s like to have your beloved in your life in a committed partnership with you– how does it smell, taste, feel, and sound once he or she is with you, generously giving and receiving love with you?
  • You will identify what you would need to let go of to manifest this vision of yourself inside this relationship.
  • We will look for the changes needed in both your physical home and your calendar to make space and time to receive your beloved.
  • You will identify and release old resentments that block love from taking root, and name the amends to self that need to be made so you can fully trust yourself to show up in integrity with your intention until your vision of love is manifest.
  • You will identify any covert agreements to stay single you’ve made with yourself or others and renegotiate them to free you to manifest fully your intention for love.
  • You will identify any toxic ties, or relationships in which you give your power away, and find new ways of setting boundaries or speaking the truth so that you experience only healthy dynamics in all your relationships from this moment forward.
  • You will identify your “False Love Identities” or the core beliefs you carry about yourself, others and life that have been wreaking havoc on your relationships.
  • You will then, most importantly, identify your “True Love Identities” so you can begin living from your true worthiness to love and be loved and in so doing become magnetic to your beloved and to love in all areas of life.
  • We will then identify the specific new skills and capacities you’ll need to develop to begin creating your life from this new consciousness and to help you see all breakdowns and breakthroughs on your path as evidence of life working to help you manifest your very highest intention for love.

After we complete the 7-steps of the Calling in “The One” process, I am happy to support you through integration sessions as you continue to master the distinctions of the work. I often support clients in these sessions to help them practice stepping fully into their True Love Identities. I would be happy to support you similarly as you navigate the breakthroughs and breakdowns that may occur as you manifest your intention for love-fulfilled.

How do I get started?

You can call me at 203.216.3032 or email me at to schedule a free 20-minute consultation call. We can discuss what you’re going through, what the Calling in “The One” process involves, how we might work together, and what course of action makes the most sense to meet your needs. You can also send me a message through the Contact page. You can also buy a copy of the book here to begin reading it and getting started in doing the exercises.