How to Get Unstuck and Kickstart 2018 with the Full Force of You


Happy New Year Beloveds!

One of the things I’ve been hearing a lot of my clients and friends say they’re feeling right now is something that might be described as a “Post-Intention Hangover.” I’ve felt it myself.

Having made it through the holidays and the longest nights of the year, many of us have mustered up just enough energy to set big intentions for 2018 (or we haven’t yet for fear we’d be setting ourselves up for disappointment in some form).

Then, having managed to write or imagine big intentions, many people have said they’re now feeling tired, unmotivated, uninspired, scared, or downright stuck, not knowing where on earth to begin.

Many of us have already started to experience guilt and negative self-talk about actions not yet taken around our intentions – “I should’ve written my business plan already, completed my vision board, cleaned my house, run more miles etc.” The voice of the Intention Hangover is always some version of “Here we go again. I suck. Another year of failing. I might as well give up now.”

If this doesn’t sound familiar – whoo hoo! You keep rocking on Love Light!

But if this resonates, I hope you know by now how incredibly normal this experience is.

So what do we do to shake ourselves out of this stuck feeling and start kicking butt in 2018? 

I’ve found the following strategies to be helpful for clients in dropping their Intention Hangovers:

  • Tap out your negative beliefs (EFT) – This is my personal super tool. If you don’t know tapping/EFT yet, read up on it or ask me. Spending 15 minutes each morning tapping on your meridian points as you verbalize your feelings will not only help you see the specific limiting beliefs that are sapping your energy, but will also help you see the truth of your power, brilliance, and full capacity to kick butt in every area that your heart desires. This practice takes C- mornings and creates A+ days and weeks.
  • Be compassionate with yourself – Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your intentions be manifest in the first two weeks of January. All things come in perfect timing.
  • Put your 3 biggest intentions in writing someplace you can see them – This reminds you of your destinations and whenever you feel lost, you can remember there are literally infinite pathways to get you there. The universe wants you to arrive as much as you do.
  • Write everything you’re grateful for – Notice that you actually have everything you need already and everything else you’re creating this year will be icing on your internal cake.

Hopefully this helps anyone feeling alone with their Intention Hangover. You’re not Alone.

And there’s a clear path of Energy and Inspired Actions for 2018 awaiting you this very instant.

I’d love to hear any other ways you’ve found to get yourselves Unstuck from unhelpful thoughts, actions, or ways of relating that are now supporting you in manifesting a life you love. So please free to send me your insights!

With light and love,