My Couples Coaching Services

How would we work together?

In all my Couples Coaching, I ask that we meet for an hour by video-conferencing (Skype or Zoom) approximately three times each month. Each partner would separately write out and then agree upon on a shared intention for your work with me. Then we would work together, using principles from the “Calling in ‘The One’®” process as well as other disciplines to help you manifest this shared intention.

Depending on your needs, I may also use some of our sessions to meet with each of you individually to gather additional background or information.

To achieve maximum benefits and the longest-lasting results of this work, most couples work with me for a period of 12 months or more.

For couples seeking Pre-Marital & Long-term Partnership Coaching, I would provide homework assignments and readings as needed to help your relationship achieve its highest potential. I ask that both of you do all the work you agree upon in our sessions, and that you show up authentically and open to learning how to build the most connected and joyful union possible.

For those seeking Couples Coaching, I ask each of you to show up authentically, willing to take responsibility for your part in this process and open to learning from your partner in our work together. As with all my work with couples, I would give you homework assignments and readings as needed, offering new ways of relating to yourselves, to each other, or to life. And as always, I would ask that you take the actions you agreed to prior to each session.

We would base our work together on a foundation of commitment to generating love wherever possible and looking to find the innocence in one another, especially when events have taken place that might make this choice challenging.

We would agree to speak to each other constructively, and seek to identify any specific behaviors that are causing hurt in your relationship or underlying emotional needs that are not being met by one or both partners.

What will we learn in this process?

  • You will set a shared intention for your relationship to which you can return as your North Star, guiding all your individual and shared decisions.
  • You will create a clear vision of your relationship in a year, five years, and ten years from now.
  • You will create a list of positive aspects about your partner or the things that drew you to fall in love in the first place and learn to return to this as an anchor when conflict arises.
  • You will learn communication skills that will empower each of you to share your most authentic desires and disappointments in a grounded, loving, non-violent way that inspires your partner to hear and respond to you in a loving way that continually deepens your intimacy.
  • You will practice using conflicts as an opportunity to create greater closeness, greater understanding, and greater love between you.
  • For those in existing long-term partnerships, you will learn to differentiate between challenges that can be solved consciously by building deeper levels of emotional attunement, and challenges that stem from fundamental differences in core values, in which case we will seek a loving path forward — whether to accept these differences with love or to separate in a way that is respectful and honoring of the other person and of your family.
  • After the agreed-upon coaching period has come to an end, I am fully available to support you through integration sessions both as a couple and as individuals as you continue to manifest your intention for a lifetime of love.

How do we get started?

You can call me at 203.216.3032 or email me at to schedule a free 20-minute consultation. We can discuss what you’re going through, what support you’re wanting most as a couple, and what course of action makes the most sense to meet your needs. You can also send me a message through the Contact page.