Abundant Love Mastery – Year-Long Program

What will I learn & create in Abundant Love Mastery?

You’ll create “Abundant Love,” meaning:

  • You’ll Build Self-Love that’s so rock solid:
  • You’ll come to know your feelings & needs moment by moment
  • You’ll master the skills & practices to lovingly respond to your innermost feelings & needs in any given moment
  • You’ll learn how to communicate these feelings & needs to others in a way that inspires them to meet these needs lovingly

You’ll call in or create your “Best Love Yet”:

  • So if you’re Single; you’ll be dating, engaged, or married to a partner who is a match for all the key qualities that matter to you most – i.e. it’s an exclusive relationship with a man who wants to marry you & have a family, and he or she turns  you on mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.
  • And if you’re Partnered: you’ll uplevel your experience of joy, connection, & creativity in your partnership, so you spend more time laughing, creating, exploring, playing, & making soul-satisfying love
  • And you learn how to sustain this Best Love Yet by learning how to navigate conflicts with ease before they turn into fights

You’ll be on track to building your most Abundant Year Yet, meaning:

  • You’ll get crystal clear on what your Unique Soul Purpose is and you’ll feel and know you’re moving in the direction of it
  • You’ll be getting paid every dollar you’re worth (and then some!):
    • At your current job in a new, more challenging role, or
    • At a new job that feels more inspiring, challenging, & uplifting or
    • At a new business you create for yourself that completely lights you up!
    • ALL your time is valued properly – at work, at home, with friends & family. Boundaries are set around relationships that take away from rather than add to your Creative Energy, Joy & Inspiration
  • You are in or moving towards Your Ideal Job/Work
  • Your expectations around what you do & how you’ll be treated will be massively uplevelled

You’ll learn how to connect with your Guidance & Intuition at a far deeper level than ever so:

  • You always have access to answers to the problems you face & need never again look outside yourself for guidance on what you need to do
  • You gain crystal clarity around what you want moment-to-moment
  • You start making better, more connected, guided decisions that draw you consistently in the direction of your highest good
  • You master the art of Manifesting Love & Abundance with your guidance, following the specific messages for you on what is yours to do to maximize your experience of Love & Abundance (& anything else you want to create) following your guidance & the clues it leaves you on what next steps are yours to take

You will step Fully into Your Power & Purpose

  • You’ll identify all the major limiting False Beliefs you’ve carried around Love & Abundance so you can release them & open to the deeper truth beliefs that will serve you in opening to receive all the Love & Abundance you desire.

You’ll set & work towards Specific Intentions for what you want to experience in Love & Abundance a year from now (and beyond!) and you’ll be lovingly held accountable for showing up in life as the woman or man you need to be to make the manifestation of these intentions inevitable.

You’ll learn how to live & work from PLEASURE instead of PRESSURE

You’ll learn practices of how to access your DESIRES, PLEASURE, & TURN-ON as the source of your personal power (and you don’t need anyone to do this with but you!).

How do I get started?

You can book your free “Breakthrough to Abundant Love” Call here after answering a few brief questions. My team and I will help you get you clear on what your intentions are for Abundant Love and Abundant, Purpose-Driven work for this year and beyond, and we’ll co-create a plan that will get you where you’re wanting to go.

We look forward to connecting with you soon!