Anastasia is a powerful and deeply loving relationship coach who has supported thousands of women to create their ideal soulmate partnerships, as well as to take the suffering of their most painful breakups and to transform it into the fuel they need to create their most joyful and love-filled lives yet.

Anastasia attended Princeton for her B.A. and NYU for her MFA in Film Production. She worked in finance and film before following her intuition and passion to apply her unique blend of intelligence, creativity, and compassion for those who are suffering from breakup pain or the absence of a committed romantic partnership to help clients build their most satisfying relationships and lives yet. She offers depth of experience, wisdom, and laser-sharp insight into what is and isn’t working to empower her clients to see exactly how they can move forward to create incredible intimate partnerships and deeply satisfying lives. She gently but powerfully supports her clients to take on new ways of being that generate relationships characterized by deep love, intimacy, joy, and mutual empowerment in every area of life.  

Anastasia works with clients using her Abundant Love Mastery methodology to achieve incredible results in their manifestation of intimate romantic partnerships and abundant soul-aligned work that is built upon radical levels of unprecedented self-love. 

Her clients say that after working with Anastasia through her Abundant Love Mastery, Conscious Uncoupling or Calling in “The One”® coaching, they’ve “never felt so happy in their life” and that doing this work with Anastasia is “life-changing in the best way possible.”

Anastasia specializes in supporting highly driven women, like herself, who’ve achieved success in every area of life except love to call in and keep their ideal soulmate partnership.

She works primarily with women of all sexual orientations from their 20s into their 70s as well as couples looking to rebuild their partnership or to consciously separate. 

Many high-powered women, CEOs, and authors have spared themselves hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees as well as unnecessary emotional turmoil by working with Anastasia before, during, and after a Conscious Separation. Many other powerful women have gone on to marry their soulmate inside a partnership reflecting their soul’s deepest desires. One hedge fund manager who’d hired various matchmakers over three years only to be told she was “beyond help” attracted her beloved husband after three months of working with Anastasia. Another client received four raises and promotions within six months of working with Anastasia after having received no recognition at the bank where she worked for twelve years prior. Many of Anastasia’s clients decide within three months of working with her to quit their jobs to either start their own companies or to take on more interesting, aligned work elsewhere that challenges them and compensates them in ways more fully aligned with their worth. The vast majority of Anastasia’s clients double to 10x their income by the third month of working with her as a by-product of generating a consistent, actionable self-love practice. Hence the name of her methodology, “Abundant Love Mastery™. By her third year of serving clients, it became clear it wasn’t random that everyone Anastasia supported in calling in their soulmate also called in their most abundant work to date by far. 

Anastasia used the tools of the Conscious Uncoupling™ process to navigate her own divorce and to generate a hugely loving blended family that includes her stepson and his mother. She has also used the tools of Abundant Love Mastery™ and Calling in “The One”® to overcome a childhood characterized by extreme physical and emotional abuse to open to loving, committed relationships despite early trauma. Anastasia is passionate about sharing everything she’s learned, and continues to learn, to help her clients transform their most painful breakups or sense of hopelessness around the possibility of creating committed, healthy, intimate love for life, and abundant soul-satisfying work that lights them up for the long-haul. 

Anastasia is the creator of the Abundant Love Mastery Methodology which she uses most frequently to support her clients. She is also a Certified Calling in “The One”® and Conscious Uncoupling Coach. She works privately with individuals and couples in the US and internationally, via phone or Zoom. She also runs a year-long group program called “Abundant Love Mastery” (ALM) in which she supports clients in creating their ideal soulmate partnership, their most abundant & soul-satisfying work, and their most loving relationship with themselves alongside a team of stellar Coaches. 

Anastasia lives in Montclair, NJ.

Email AnastasiaFrankCoaching@gmail.com to discuss you becoming her next success story.