Anastasia is a deep and loving relationship coach who is passionate about helping her clients take their suffering from breakups or the absence of a loving romantic partnership and transforming it into the fuel for creating their most fulfilling and love-filled lives yet.

Anastasia attended Princeton for her B.A. and NYU for her MFA in Film Production. She worked in finance and film before following her intuitive guidance and passion to apply her unique blend of intelligence, creativity, and deep compassion for those who are suffering from breakup pain or the absence of a committed romantic partnership, to begin helping clients build their most satisfying lives yet. She offers depth, humor and laser-sharp insight into what didn’t work before to empower her clients to see exactly how they can now manifest an entirely new and beautiful vision of a happily partnered, or deeply satisfying post-breakup life: one characterized by soul-satisfying love, joy, intimacy, and mutuality. She gently but persistently cheerleads her clients on as they take on new ways of being that herald in their happiest, most fulfilling, and love-filled relationships to date.

Her clients say that after working with Anastasia through the Conscious UncouplingTM and Calling in “The One”® processes, they’ve “never felt so happy in their life” and that doing these processes with her is “life-changing.”

Anastasia works with women and men of all sexual orientations and specializes in “lost causes”: people who think there is no hope for them in love. Many of these people have become her greatest success stories. She loves helping all her clients shed the disempowering stories that have been wreaking havoc on their lives to date. Clients who found themselves unemployed post-breakup have found their dream jobs while working with Anastasia in the Conscious UncouplingTM process. One Calling in “The One”® client who’d hired a matchmaker for over a year and was told she “could not be helped,” attracted her life-partner to her after only three months of working with Anastasia. And this beloved partner asked her father permission to marry her after dating her for only fours months during a visit to her family at Christmas.

Anastasia used the Conscious Uncoupling process to heal herself from a painful breakup with her former partner. And she continued on to do the work of Calling in “The One”® process to later call in her beloved husband, Eric. She’s continued applying the principles of Conscious Uncoupling to create a flourishing blended family with Eric and her stepson. Anastasia is passionate about sharing what she’s learned from these processes to help her clients transform their most painful breakup experiences or sense of hopelessness around creating a committed, loving partnership into the fuel they need to grow and flourish as they create their most love-filled and fulfilling lives yet.

Anastasia is both a Certified Calling in “The One”® Coach and a Certified Conscious Uncoupling CoachTM, She works one-on-one with individuals in the US and internationally, taking them through the Conscious Uncoupling and Calling in “The One” processes via phone or Skype, or in person in NYC or NJ. She also regularly leads small, in-person groups through the Calling in “The One” and Conscious Uncoupling processes in NYC and Montclair, NJ. She also works with couples to prepare them for flourishing marriages using the Calling in “The One” principles.

Anastasia is an experienced practitioner of Margaret Paul’s “Inner Bonding” work and Carol Look’s “Emotional Freedom Technique” (EFT or “Tapping”). She draws on both disciplines, as needed, to help her clients forge an intimate and loving connection between their Adult Self and their Younger Self in their body to help clients, when triggered, find their way back to embodying their True Love Identities.

Anastasia lives in Montclair, NJ.

She invites you to to be her next success story.