Hi, I’m Anastasia!

I’m the creator of the Abundant Love Mastery® Methodology and I’ve spent the last decade teaching driven women like you how to create connected, healthy love through joy & pleasure instead of force. I’m also a surfer and dancer who’s passionate about helping powerful women connect with their Guidance & Self-Love so their lives feel as joyful, alive & loving as possible. 

You could say I get lit up showing you how to love yourself like a boss.

But that’s just the start. If you spend time using the tools & practices I share with my community, you’ll discover how to uplevel your joy, live your most authentic, fully expressed life, and how to build connected, healthy love that lasts with your dream partner.

I’ll show you how to embody your most magnetic self and live your life in a way that feeds you joy & power, while healing your most painful false beliefs & self-sabotaging habits.

I’ll show you how to attract your most aligned soul partner as you live a fully turned on life and claim all the love, joy, and authentic self-expression your precious soul deserves.

And we’ll do so while laughing, crying, and growing together as we claim our right to live our most exquisite, love-filled lives possible.

What makes me different

Over the past decade I’ve supported thousands of driven women to create connected, healthy marriages & partnerships while living lives that feel alive, aligned, and on fire. 

My clients include CEOs, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, authors and artists of all sexual orientations. And I support them to powerfully grow the emotional architecture needed to open to healthy love. 

I also support women who want to navigate a divorce or breakup in the most loving and empowered way possible. 

For over 15 years I’ve studied and practiced every methodology I’ve found effective to help women create healthy love while healing emotional & physical trauma and the sabotaging behaviors that block love.  

And while I found powerful teachers for attracting a partner, for loving oneself deeply, and for living a life of embodied joy, pleasure & conscious sexuality, no one was integrating all three. 

So I decided to fill the gap.  

After years of serving women to create healthy love & adjusting my approach based on what produced the most powerful results, I created my unique methodology, Abundant Love Mastery®, to combine the most effective practices & principles of everything I learned. 

My programs have supported countless women to learn this methodology and my unique process of using crystal clear intentions, daily committed action, and a supremely intimate process for loving themselves to heal wounded voices, painful feelings, and sabotaging habits that otherwise block love. 

Students of this work also learn magnetic embodiment practices that make epic joy & pleasure their new foundation. And how to turn themselves on to life & their fully expressed, authentic selves so intensely that healthy love with an aligned partner inevitably follows. 

I believe that every woman can create connected healthy love.

And I’m committed to supporting every woman willing to do so. 

Especially when this feels scary, far-fetched, or like an impossible pipe dream. 

Because it felt that way for me too. 

But what I now know to be true, from my own life and the lives of the many clients I’ve served…

Is that healthy, connected love is possible for you, if you’re willing to do the work.

If you’re curious about how I got here, here’s a little background…

During my twenties I carried a boat load of trauma as a result of being physically and verbally abused by my primary caregiver as a child. As a result, despite achieving every external goal (getting into Princeton on a full scholarship, working at the world’s largest hedge fund etc), my self-worth was non-existent and in love I was a wreck. 

Although I wanted nothing more than healthy, connected love, my relationships ended painfully, with most partners walking away. I didn’t see how I caused this by training partners to see me the way I saw myself – as if I had no intrinsic value, my feelings & needs didn’t matter, and love was something I had to earn through endless work to be whatever they wanted me to be. 

Inside these unhealed beliefs, healthy love felt impossible. 

Intimacy freaked me out because I believed I was bad, worthless, and disposable.  

Men freaked me out because I believed they’d see that about me if I ever stopped performing. 

Sex sucked because I had no idea what my authentic desires were, let alone how to ask for them from a partner. 

And worst of all, I had no connection to my inner self – to my authentic feelings and needs, and no connection to any source of love outside other people (i.e. to God/Spirit/Love/Guidance). 

I believed if there was a God, It clearly hated me and wanted me to suffer. 

And as a result I felt deeply, profoundly alone. 

Eventually this crisis of disconnection led to daily panic attacks that left me frozen on the streets of NYC. And I realized I needed to find answers, and fast. 

So my quest began…

I read every book and took every course I could on creating healthy love. 

I earned multiple prestigious relationship coaching certifications in everything from how to attract your soulmate to how to consciously end a marriage. 

And while I learned a ton about what it takes to set a clear intention for love and align with living as the version of yourself that could attract it, something was missing. 

I didn’t love myself. 

And no one could give me a clear answer on how I could start. 

I continued to speak to myself with the harsh internalized voice of my father. And I neglected my feelings & needs to put other people first, so trained was I in meeting the needs of others. 

So I made up my mind to figure this out, once and for all. 

What does it look like to truly love oneself, in every moment? 

Especially when you’ve never known someone who consistently does this? 

After 10 years of reading, studying, and applying all that I learned, I encountered a body of work that put a practical set of steps into my hands. 

I learned a process that allowed me to feel my authentic feelings and learn what I was doing or telling myself that was causing these feelings. 

I learned how to connect with my Guidance (turns out She/It does exist, and loves us a shit ton). And how to bring my wounded beliefs to Guidance to find out what’s actually true about them, as well as what’s most loving for me to do in any moment.

I learned how to catch myself before I acted on wounded part beliefs and to act instead on what’s actually true about me, men, and life in real-time.

I began consistently asking “What’s the most loving thing for me to do in this moment?” and having the courage to act on what I heard, regardless of how others felt about it. 

And in the process, my life took flight. 

I started naming what I felt and asking for what I needed in relationships. 

I let go of people who couldn’t love me as I let myself fall wildly, passionately in love with myself. 

I attracted friends, partners, and collaborators who loved me in my truth & power and cheered me on as I claimed the life of love, joy, pleasure & self-expression I’d craved for decades. 

I went from profound self-loathing to authentic confidence & embodied self-love. 

I opened fully to my sexuality & found practices that supported me feeling more pleasure than I ever thought possible. I started asking for what I wanted from my partner in ways that generated deep emotional intimacy & healed entrenched childhood wounds around sexuality & pleasure. 

I felt turned on, lit up, radiant and so F-ing deserving of love and all good things. 

I stopped pushing healthy love away and attracted a husband who aligned with every single thing I had in my intention for love at the time.

And one day it hit me, if creating healthy connected love is possible for me, it’s possible for anyone.

And if I don’t do something to support women to create this, who will? 

So I ditched my career as a film editor, and founded a company to support women to create all the joy, pleasure and connected healthy love it’d taken me a decade to make in a fraction of the time. 

From the first client I supported to create a loving marriage after she was told she was “beyond help” by her third match-maker, I was hooked. 

I knew, this is what I’m gonna do with the rest of my life.

Ever since, through the work I teach, I’ve been privileged to support many remarkable powerful women who’ve learned to see the beauty of their essence. They show up in life as the Treasures they are. They live turned on, joyful, ridiculously inspiring lives that uplift everyone who knows them. 

They attract & keep healthy juicy love that honors & elevates them into their highest expression. They marry Kings & Queens and create families built on foundations of profound levels of self-love. 

And as the demand for this work grew, I founded my first online program, Abundant Love Mastery®, to support as many driven women who want to create this kind of healthy love as possible.

By doing the work of ALM, many incredible women are learning how to love themselves and access all the love, pleasure, and joy possible on the path to creating connected, healthy love. 

And thousands more women in my community participate in the workshops, summits, live events and myriad opportunities I create to serve these women in saying yes to themselves & their right to feel joy & give and receive healthy love.  

But the truth is…

We’re just getting started. 

Why? Because…

I believe love is the highest vibration we can experience in this lifetime and every person deserves to enjoy it fully. But few women realize they can access it in a joyful & connected way.

So I’m on a mission to support every woman in living full out – ecstatically, authentically & in a wildly intimate connection with herself, Spirit & the partner who’s ready to love her in her full freaking Glory. 

And I won’t quit until every willing woman gets to experience this kind of life & love.  

My team and I regularly cook up the most valuable experiences we can to support you in living your most joyful, pleasurable life & creating the loving, healthy relationship you desire deep in your belly. 

Ready to get started? 

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